Waterproof solution for membrane switches


For devices that often operate around moisture or water sources, or in environments with water droplets, it’s crucial to protect the printed circuits and electronic components inside membrane switches to prolong their lifespan. Therefore, the waterproof performance of the membrane switch is extremely important. Over the years, WeGlow’s technical team has gained extensive experience in developing waterproof membrane switch projects. To achieve waterproofing, we usually modify the structure layer of the membrane switch and use waterproof materials to make the membrane switch internally sealed. Whether it’s rainwater or moisture in the air, this seal will form a protective barrier between the internal electrical components of the membrane switch and the moisture.

Structure Design

Traditional membrane switches usually have certain defects in the location of the circuit tail in terms of structure, making them completely lack waterproof capability in moist and water droplet environments. To improve this ability, WeGlow’s technical team begins to consider redesigning the structure of the membrane switch during the project development stage. Depending on the situation, a circular waterproof frame about 3~5mm wide will be designed. However, to enhance the waterproof performance, it is generally recommended that the size of the waterproof frame be larger than 5mm.


Application of Waterproof Materials


The use of waterproof materials is particularly important in waterproof membrane switches. For this reason, we usually use PET-based acrylic adhesive and substrate-free acrylic adhesive as the main materials. The density of these materials fully meets the requirements to prevent water intrusion.

Humidity can cause serious damage to switches, usually resulting in repair costs that are higher than the costs to replace them. However, if you choose waterproof membrane switches, you can rest assured that they will stand the test of time over the next few years, making it a wise investment. Their costs are typically higher than non-waterproof switches, but knowing that water or moisture won’t damage them gives you peace of mind, which is a small price to pay.


Which products can apply waterproof solutions?


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