As a global membrane switch manufacturer, WeGlow has been continuously providing membrane switch products and solutions to the global manufacturing industry since its establishment. From concept to design, development, validation, and manufacturing, WeGlow has garnered extensive experience.

We have prepared membrane switch solutions for you! Now, all you need to do is let your imagination run wild. We’ll make it a reality!


When it comes to designing a unique interface for your product, our graphic design team will consider CMYK, PANTONE colors, graphic design, and text layout. This is a process of decorating the interface. You can provide specific CMYK, PANTONE, RAL color values or codes, and fonts. Our experienced designers, from a perspective of visual aesthetics, will tailor a personalized interface for your product!



Screen printing is performed using a screen woven from high-stretch polyester or high-tension stainless steel wire. Various graphics can be created according to customer requirements, and ink can be used for pattern printing.

The printing of the graphical interface usually requires first mixing the ink into the color required by the customer, and then printing it on the polyester or polycarbonate film material through the prepared screen graphic. Screen printing can also handle surface matte effects and semi-transparent windows.

Membrane switches and printed circuits use conductive ink and insulating ink. The conductive ink and insulating ink are printed separately on the polyester film through the prepared screen circuit pattern, thus realizing the switch function of the circuit. We provide high-precision screen printing, with the finest line reaching 70um, which is commonly used in capacitive membrane switches. Contact us to get innovative solutions.

We have prepared membrane switch solutions for you! Now, all you need to do is let your imagination run wild. We’ll make it a reality!


To cater to the ever-changing demands of the market, we offer digital printing services, which, with its high efficiency and flexibility, has quickly become the preferred solution for graphic interface printing in recent years.

Digital printing offers more choices for customer requirements. It allows for direct printing transmission from the computer and possesses richer colors. No matter how complex the graphic is, digital printing can accurately reproduce it, infusing the graphical interface with unique charm and visual effects.

Whether in regular environments or under harsh conditions, digital printing can ensure that the graphics remain clear and wear-resistant for a long time. Choose digital printing technology to embark on an innovative journey for the graphical interface. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable digital printing services to meet your personalized needs.





The assembly of membrane switches and their derivative electronic products is a precise and complex process. Through advanced assembly technologies and precise equipment, each component of the membrane switch is accurately installed in its designated position. From the conductive layer to the trigger buttons, every detail undergoes careful calibration and testing to ensure the sensitivity and stability of the switch. During the assembly process, professional technicians strictly follow the workflow to ensure that each membrane switch meets high-quality standards.


Artistic embossing techniques give membrane switches a unique appearance and touch. Through creative design and fine craftsmanship, various embossed patterns, symbols, and textures can be formed on the surface of the membrane switch. Embossing not only provides functionality but also exhibits artistic beauty. The embossing technique can accurately reproduce a variety of complex embossed patterns, adding a unique visual and tactile experience to the membrane switch.


The shaping of membrane switches and their derivative electronic products is a pivotal step. Through cold pressing, laser techniques, or other processes, the membrane switches and their derivative electronic products are tightly integrated with the casing to form a solid overall structure. During the shaping process, it’s critical to strictly control the pressure to ensure the smoothness and consistency of the appearance of the switches of the membrane switches and their derivative electronic products.




We are committed to providing outstanding quality assurance, delivering high-quality products and services to our customers. By rigorously controlling and managing the entire process, from raw material procurement to production manufacturing, we ensure compliance with quality standards. We have a professional team and advanced equipment to conduct strict inspections and tests. Continuous improvement and customer feedback are our philosophy, constantly optimizing product design and after-sales service. We insist on continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence, establishing a comprehensive quality management system. Quality assurance is our commitment, providing customers with reliable, high-quality products and services.


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